Welcome to Cetra Finance!

We reduce 90% of DeFi market-making strategies' risks, bringing stability to financial markets and reliable yield to investors.
Closed Beta Live only for Early Adopters

What is Cetra?

Cetra Finance is Market-Neutral Market Maker for DeFi Our protocol reduce 90% farming risk, making it reliable and predictable, no matter with incentives or not.
Simple UI, 2 click deposit and most importantly - reduced risk, stabilized returns and increased liquidity for onboarding next million DeFi users.

What products does Cetra have?

- Delta-neutral UniV3 market-making with the use of custom Lending module - Innovative liquidity mining framework. For protocols that want to effectively attract liquidity. - Omnipools Product // Portfolio of PDN Strategies to Diversify IL
See all Cetra products here: Cetra's Products

Why to Use Cetra?

  • Automated management of institutional-grade strategies
  • Decent yields while controlling risks
  • Consistent economic model built on top of blue-chip DeFi primitives

What type of investor does Cetra fit the best?

Cetra's Chambers are tuned to satisfy appetites of those, who don't want to worry about fleeting trends, relying on trustworth instruments, solid maths and algorythms while earning notable APR and fully controlling risks. Delta-neutral Market Making vaults' return curve is staking-like diagonal line with small fluctuations around trend and expected return reasonably higher than in blue-chip lending protocols = Stablecoin savings + volatility traded for additional return.
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