Most capital-efficient DEXes

This chamber employs concentrated liquidity AMMs to provide liquidity. Meanwhile the position is hedged using borrowing protocols.

The list of integrable AMMS:

  • Uniswap V3 (Deployed!)

  • Trader Joe V2

  • Quickswap and other "Algebra"-based DEXes

The list of integrable lending protocols:

  • AAVE and its forks

  • Compound and its forks

  • Euler.finance

The base layer

Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market-makers (CLMM) , popularized by Uniswap, give users the ability to select range of price in which they want to deploy liquidity.

The great power and responsibilities Practically CLMM mechanic gave an opportunity to collect more trading fees having less capital: You can create 100$-worth position, that will collect the same amount of fees as other's 1000$-worth position.

But to fully use its potential one has to actively participate in range management, turning liquidity provision into market makers' expertise and retail's headache.

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