⚙️Utility token

Tokenomics to create new paradigm of liquidity bootstrapping

Cetra will use two tokens:

  • $CTR - ERC20 governance token of the protocol

  • $veCTR - vote-escrowed token with utility features

$CTR will be used for rewarding chambers investors. $CTR holders will be able to lock their tokens for chosen amount of time and recieve $veCTR in exchange. The longer the time, the higher the voting power.

ve(3,3), bribes and liquidity markets

Chambers investors receive $CTR emissions, and $veCTR lockers receive protocol fees, bribes, and voting power.

We believe this model can open new opportunities for protocols bootstrapping liquidity in their token's pools. Instead of making liquidity mining programs, associated with high selling pressure, they can:

  • Apply for adding their token to Cetra's borrowing market

  • Lend their token to liquidity providers

  • Vote with $veCTR or simply bribe corresponding chamber

After that investors will be able to safely provide liquidity to new protocols' pools, making it tradable without having exposure to volatile tokens.

This solves multiple problems of investors and protocols:

  • Investors don't need no more to have exposure to risky long-tail assets Not only tokens themselves are risky, but liquidity-mining programs are usually associated with high selling pressure.

  • Protocols don't want to make expensive liquidity-mining programs Protocols can pay less rewards, as the required action is much safer for investor.

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